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Paul A

Paul A. (UK) – mentoring

I first met Andre at one of his amazing retreats in Switzerland. Andre had such clear presence and a wide range of techniques that he used with the group that at the end of the retreat I asked Andre for some mentoring.

At that time I was repositioning my work life and finding that this was creating turbulence in other areas of my life and I was looking for some help to gain clarity and some stability on the roller-coaster ride I was on. I felt I lacked vision and purpose and was having issues with my personal relationships.

During the next few of months working with Andre I learnt how to control the many negative emotions that I was having problems with. Through his mentoring and using some of his amazing techniques I understood more about what was driving my instinctive reactions. I was able to become more present in the moment, accept that things come up in life and was able to adopt an engaged but relaxed and stable approach to my own thoughts and my interactions with others.

I have now been able to transition the business that I had at that time into a better long-term enterprise, complete some personal development courses and be more positive in outlook and my day to day interactions with others. I would recommend Andre as a mentor as he has such wide experience in personal development and is very approachable.

Joyce Lichteveld (NL) – Online meditation course

A great course for people who meditate for he first time as well as people with experience in meditation. Andre guides you through the process of meditation step by step with valuable exercises. The exercises were not too long and very relaxing! Thanks Andre!

Suzanne Nievergelt (CH) – Coaching

Already within the first sessions Andre helped me to change my habits of thinking and trained me how I could let go of negative thoughts and fears. I feel now much more connected to the world around me and have finally become able to live more in the present than in the future or the past. Andre is a very experienced coach and took so good care of me for which I am very, very grateful.